Lynda K.

This is absolutely the best doctor and staff that I have ever met.  Caring and compassionate are just a couple of words to describe Neurologic Associates.  Dr Landrio and Anne Solomon take the time to listen to me, have discussions and find ways to make me feel better.  I drive 1.5 hours and it is worth every mile!  I came to them with a myriad of unusual symptoms and they quickly developed a plan of action and diagnosed me within a short amount of time.  Dr. Landrio's office exemplifies the way medicine should be!  They are more of a family than a doctor's office  I can not thank them enough for all the help that they have given me.

- Craig F

I would like to personally thank you for your help in my diagnosis with MS. With out your diligence and effort, combined with knowledge and skill the disease would have largely gone misdiagnosed until and event or worse. As it stands I have remained productively employed and with the exception of monthly visits to your office for treatment I would hardly know I suffer from the disease. You and all of your staff have been great. Even with the assistance in the area of insurance. The expert approach to my health by yourself and Ann Solomon PA culminated in a correct diagnosis and an aggressive treatment plan. Thank you.

- Bonnie K

Recently my husband, Paul, and I were camping at Shenandoah National Park. Our  camping experience was hampered by symptoms I was having with my legs and arms. We were referred to a Neurologist, Dr. Mark Landrio, in Winchester. After the initial office visit he requested and MRI of my neck and lower back. He immediately made the diagnosis of severe cervical and lumbar spinal stenosis and referred me to a local neurosurgeon. The point of all this is to inform you of the excellent care I have received since I started this journey with my back. The staff in his office, as well as Dr. Landrio, made my visit and exceptional experience in spite of the unnerving diagnosis. Everyone form the receptionist to the people I met in the hallway were so warm and congenial. They not only expressed their concern for my well being but also showed a genuine interest through their actions.

- James E

I want to tell you how satisfied I feel about the treatment I have received at your office. All of your staff have been unfailingly efficient as well as courteous and friendly. In particular I would mention Carol-Ann, who supervised my overnight sleep clinic two weeks ago. Thanks to her obvious technical skills combined with empathy and kindness, I felt as comfortable as one could imagine possible during an inherently uncomfortable experience.

- Leona C, Age 87

Three years ago my primary physician suggested I take a Sleep Study. I slept lightly and got up usually about 4 times during the night to use the bathroom. Sometimes I would startle awake with my heart racing and occasionally my blood pressure would spike although I was taking medication for many years. I live alone and was not aware of it, but during vacations, my family insisted that I snored quite loudly and seemed to stop breathing at times. Sometimes I napped during the day, I was aware that I snored and the nap was never restful. During a Sleep Study my sleep apnea was found to be quite severe and frequent throughout the night and I had stopped breathing for long periods. I was immediately fitted for the CPAP system and given good instructions in its use. I was determined to do my best to adjust to use it. From the very beginning of using the CPAP my quality of sleep became my deeper and more sustained and restful. I have a lot of energy even at my age and seldom need to take an afternoon nap. I actually look forward to going to sleep and eagerly put on my CPAP head gear! I would not hesitate endorsing both the CPAP system and the professional and courteous service I received from Dr. Landrio.