The Center for Sleep Disorders was founded by Dr. Landrio in 2007 for the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of sleep and wakefulness. Dr. Landrio passed the Academy of Sleep Medicine board examination in 2013 and is currently board certified in Sleep Medicine by the National Board of Physicians and Surgeons.

It has been well documented in the medical literature that fragmented sleep, rotating shifts, and sleep deprivation have adverse effects on both health (greater risk stroke, heart disease and obesity) and cognitive performance as well as behavior.

Our sleep laboratory features five private soundproof rooms with queen beds and flat screen TV’s to provide a comfortable home-like environment. Our expert registered technicians have nearly 6 decades of combined experience and strive to get a definitive diagnosis and perform CPAP titration if needed in a single night. If a patient does not get into REM early enough in the night or sleep time is too short, a return to the lab for titration may be necessary.

Maintenance of Wakefulness Tests and Multiple Sleep Latency Tests are performed during the day to evaluate daytime somnolence. The MWT often for air traffic controllers, the MSLT in the evaluation of narcolepsy.

What truly sets the Center for Sleep Disorders apart is the fact that it is not just a sleep physicians office, a diagnostic sleep center, or a CPAP supply company … it’s all three! All in ONE place! Dr. Landrio sees patients with sleep complaints in the office, is able to direct the appropriate sleep testing and ensure they receive CPAP equipment that is comfortable from a reputable DME supplier.

We perform personalized fitments, carrying demo masks from ResMed, Fisher-Paykel, and Respironics. We assist patients in identifying DME suppliers that participate with their insurance.