Neurodiagnostic Laboratory

EMG/NCV – Electromyography and Nerve Conduction Studies

-Allow an objective and unbiased assessment of the innervation of upper or lower extremity

When a nerve is compressed damage to the myelin sheath (the nerves insulation) results in less electrical conduction resulting in numbness and or weakness. Nerve compression can occur in the neck or back due to disc herniation or arthritis, or in the limbs as we see in the wrist and carpal tunnel.

Dr. Landrio performs a directed history and examination to tailor each study.

Dr. Landrio’s technician begins with the nerve conduction portion which involves mild electrical stimuli over ~30 minutes. The muscles are then examined by Dr. Landrio with an acupuncture sized needle to assess for degeneration.

-These studies are essential in guiding spinal surgery

-Assessment of new and old nerve injury can be made as well as aid in prognosis of recovery

-Dr. Landrio did a 1 year fellowship at Harvard's Beth Israel Hospital in Boston to master these techniques while minimizing any discomfort.

-Dr. Landrio has 20 years experience