Neuro Doctor Winchester VA
Felicia Huff, CMET

The EEG laboratory at Neurologic Associates is a full service diagnostic facility featuring state of the art equipment for the in-office diagnosis of epilepsy. Studies are performed in a comfortable private room by an expert, registered technician, Felicia Huff CMET, who has over 25 years experience in performing studies and training technicians herself, having directed the laboratory at the Winchester Medical Center for over 20 years, serving both pediatric and elderly patients.

In addition, our diagnostic lab performs 72-hour Ambulatory EEG monitors to evaluate syncopal and presyncopal spells where patients have some degree of altered alertness. These studies are critical in determining if a passing out “spell” is due to Epilepsy, fast or slow heart rate, or may be due to low blood pressure. A fast, accurate diagnosis in these cases is critical for patients whose driving rights have been called in question or suspended.