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Welcome to
Neurologic Associates

Neurologic Associates offers comprehensive treatment for neurological and sleep disorders for patients in Western Northern Virginia, West Virginia and Southern Maryland.


In providing top tier Neurologic care we have assembled an outstanding team:

· Dr. Landrio is a Boston trained Neurologist at Tufts with a fellowship at Harvard in Neurophysiology

· Four Nurse Practitioners with over 29 years combined Neurologic experience

· EEG Lab Coordinator who supervised the WMC laboratory and training program for EEG and Sleep Technologists

· Infusion and MS Center Coordinator has 2 RNs with more than 5 years of Neurologic Experience with a background in oncology infusions.

Combined, our team at Neurologic Associates brings decades of experience, empathy, and a compulsive work ethic to provide concierge level neurologic care that even tertiary centers, who rely heavily on residents in training, cannot rival.

If you are experiencing difficulty in finding a diagnosis despite having seen numerous Neurologists or are not responding to current treatment for your condition, then we are here to LISTEN!

We offer a unique approach to consultations resulting in considerable diagnostic success.

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905 Cedar Creek Grade
Winchester, VA 22601
540-722-8882 Main Number
540-722-2228 Sleep Center
540-722-8883 FAX

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Conditions Treated

Neurology –
We treat:
-Nerve Impingements
-Cranial Pain
-Memory Loss

-Multiple Sclerosis
-Back Pain
-Neck Pain
-Parkinson’s Disease
-Movement Disorder
-Herniated Discs
-Spinal Cord Injuries
-Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
-Carotid Disease

-Sleep Disorders
-Balance Disturbances
-Visual Disturbances
-Myasthenia Gravis
-Muscle Disease

Sleep Disorders –
We Treat:
-Obstructive Apnea
-Shiftwork Sleep Disorder
-REM Behavior Disorder

We accept all major insurance carriers and we accept:

Located In Winchester Virginia

Our location puts us central to serving patients in West Virginia, Virginia and Maryland. Neurologic Associates is not formally affiliated with Valley Health System and records are not shared with the EPIC system.

Contact Neurologic Associates, PLC today at 540-722-8882 to schedule an appointment, or browse the website for more information about our services.